Thursday, 15 December 2011

what I've been trying to flag

I am the passenger, CBDed
Evening freed from the business day
So I can now unleash my name noosed lanyard 
Unsecurity pass my corporate neck
For on this safe bus shelter
We doan need no stinkin badges
And I can sit quietly and breathe 
And sit n stink and dream
Dream out the window through the steams of traffic
Dream out towards the dogged salvations
of those far northern beaches
Dream flat against the greyed window pain
Until a trinkle disrupts my Neutral Bay idling
And puts in drive turbid echoes of over herd working hours
Doing alright
Hanging on till Friday, as they say...
I hear the day's remembered voices even through my headphones
Recall the pithy pitter-patter of the cuff-linked salesmens' chatter
As the call centre team attempts to rent my head in
Borrow you for a second?
Shall we grab a room?
I dream off palm trees, hoardings, Mosman
Glimpses of a rain drain brown sea at Collaroy
Dreaming off the deep water's ledge, which I can see because
I have a window Tuesday dinner time
Do you just want to have that conversation?
And I am talking to myself in jagged splinters
That pollute a grouchy toxic seepage into my dawdlings
Gary, all good mate? 
Naw, I'm good. I'm good with that
Now that we're on the same page
I can read the passing tree leaves
The unmetropolitan greens and browns
Dream towards the Pittwater sounds
Mangroves, mangos, cabbage trees, potato patches, bacon plants
and pig processors
Flathead, snapper, stingray, crabs, and scabies
Dog beach, cat flap, pigeon coop, ute-squashed bandicoot
I'm conscious of the fact that
I remain awake, alert and cranky, 
Still trying to drift off
I'd like to just relax and empty
I just don't think it's going to happen
What is that bird, that flappin thonder
A flash of blank and white
Let me chase that up
I'd rather think of birds and trees
The summering lagoon, kayaked
A shine of breadful mullet
How good is my hair today?
How good is my hair today?
I reckon that haircut brings you down to early 30s
They laugh
Charlie, you all OK with that?
Naw, I'm good
Ah, a sulphate crusted cockatoo, aflap
I know he's been across a number of issues
Screeches stretched between the strung out wires
And I know I will soon be home to wash
Away the frictions of the day, 
Keen to become pacific
Ocean breakers foam and cleanse
Head beneath the surf and bubble
Submerged reachings, straining out to grasp and hold the sand
Brace myself against the rippings of the tide
I just wanted to touch base, mate 

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