Thursday, 15 December 2011

naw, not really

I am a passenger
up on th' bus
n I move my bag
to let this other gent sit down
he thanks me
but I state
och now, no bother, mate
What part of Scotland are you from? He axes
Glasgow izzit?
Ah'm no fae Scoatland
Irish me
Sorry now, he sez, I thought
No dramas, mate. I'm very often times confused
We're very close apart
Sound very much the same
I've heard
mind dew, that's
the very one thing that I have here
the worstest trouble wi here
iz that no buddy can hunderstand me
can't mick out a word I say
exspecially on the phone
the wife she sez – and they can hunnerstann
her italiano quite plain – you muss
speak slower lentamente and pronunciate
not jist slabber hon
In the shops now I jist usually point
doan even try to talk.

I see, he said.
Well, I have relatives in Ballycastle,
do you know it?
Me? Naw, not really.

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