Sunday, 18 December 2011

I believe in Christmas leave

Christmas eve n
I believe in Christmas leave
whole half day in the office
end then
from Ho's Dim Sim
a great big bag ov pork steamed buns
for the th' wee'uns
and on ahead towards home
O! The gorgeous Glory ov it
A L90 from down on George St thonder
and it likes the city, completely empty
just the happy driver and myself
and she as anxious as myself
to thunder out and further on
towards the summer's heat
on too those happiest Northern beaches
G'wan ye girl ye!
She would beat a Palm Beach Masserati!
Full power L90 all the way
Over the Bridge and up through Mosman
on twowards the Spit
ahead a evening stroll on Dee Why's promenade gelato
drag an esky to Long Reef
sheltered soft boards at Collaroy
to sit and eat the world's best spies
Chicken and asparagus, steak and cheese
a mexicano

In Narrabeen a peppered pelicano preens
up on the lampost
hides head beneath its swing
gawk beaked and yellow eyed
it stoops to read the signs
no fishing from the bridge - perhaps for locals only?
Hammer down and on ahead
We'll make the Scoatland island dog race yet
Our mongrel brute he just won't swim
but beJasus I will
Blue with mangrove muck and oyster cuts
and completely entirely happy out
among the two thin wadda
Warriewood and round the bend
Stretching the bendy bus ahead
To touch and reach
Our very own sacred Bongin Bongin Beach
and Oh! The Joy! To bathe amongst those rays
Whose flappink wings uncover the sunken beauties of the bay
the darting whiting, the silvered bream
Like a wheelbarrow, it's all before us
And as we sweep through Mona Vale
bottles shopped n sushi stuffed
turbo downhill and through the lights
rolling past twin shining servos
We're leaving the Office World far behind
Ahead lies the farther reaches of the beaches
this bus is bound for glory
Newport, Bilgola, Avalon and all the way to Palmie
Time to ring the bell, collect yer parcels and salute the driver
Thanks! And a Merry Christmas to ya, mate!
for this stop is where I start to take my leave...

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