Sunday, 18 December 2011

old lady

I am a passenger n
this Old lady
she sits besides me
Hexcited to be on th' bus
She wants to talk
I want to read
Oh! What a beautiful morning!, she sez
My husband
I have a son in Canberra
It's the parking
I don't drive as much as I used to
My eyes are not that good
But he tells me, Mum, don't
It was at least six feet long
He had the most beautiful laugh
That was in the war you know
Passed away recently, she sez
I want to read
That was in the olde days, of course, she sez
I only have my cat now, she sez
I put the book away
I tell her about the cats
For although unlike some other peoples
I'm not that mad fond ov cats
Tho' the cats they seem fond enough ov me
Perhaps bizcoz I stink ov fish
They're allus coming over
To say hello and sniff
Rub themselves agin me
Catch a stroke
Wi' tails like the indian rope trick
Naked holes
Like the dot off an exclamation! mark
We saved this orphan baby kitty onced
Nobody's chile
Dying of starvation and total ate alive wi fleas
It wouldn't eat
So I called it Bobby Sands
I didn't think he'd mind
Wrapped it in a blanket
And forced fed it with a syringe
It recovered to become a great big lump
She nodded and agreed
I've taken you from your book, she sez
No, no, not at all
Look, the harbour bridge


  1. This poem was used by the artist Anthony Quinn for one of his 52 Project works:

    Thanks, Anthony.

  2. Remarkable poetry with great flow throughout the end. Please visit my blog where you find a surprise souvenir in which you get your link and share with your family and friends. There is nothing to loose and if it is true one shouldn’t miss it. God Bless You.