Monday, 27 February 2012

I Will

I am th' passenger
n I ride
n I write
n what will I ride about
this morning?
I'll write my will
I will
To my darlink undigested wife
I'll leave my every dying breath
for her
the last pumpings of my heart
my uncontrolled and thumping essence
the last traces ov a smell
my complete and yearning everything
for her
the total package of my life
To my beloved loved son
I leave
That handsome head of handsome curls and
That fishing mag I made him
Those happy days upon the riverbank
He knows
To my beloved loved lovely grrrls
I leave
My sweets, my shyness blushing nice-iness
My sometimes
Hey-you-a-bleedin-cop-r-somethun? attitude
when out raged and
That extra, extra-special gift
the magical ability to communicate
with cats
And to the dog
I leave my cap
My other hat he chewed
He might as swell
Go on n ate it all now
I'll write my will
I will
I won't
No, not today

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